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Leave No Child Inside
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

HOW TO: Make a CD and duck tape purse, Recycle old CD's and DVD's

HOW TO: Make a CD and duck tape purse
Recycle old CD's and DVD's
This is how to recycle your old CD's or DVD's into a fun craft, using duck tape. Below are the supplies you will need.
A ruler, scissors, 2+ CD's, duck tape and a zipper 11' to 12' long. The duck tape can be any color you choose, I chose yellow because I happen to have a yellow zipper. Craft duck tape and zippers can be found at your local craft store or Target stores. I ordered these yellow ones on-line in bulk for a project. These make great camp or teen crafts. Just ask your co-workers, family or neighbors for their old computer CD's, music or DVD's and you will have a great supply before you know it.

Similar to the "cassette tape coin purse", you want to take the duck tape (I made a piece the length of the zipper) and tape it to the inside of the CD. In this case, I made one side of the purse the "outside" of the CD and the other side, the "inside" of a CD. I also taped the zipper flush to the CD's outer edge, but you can make it so there is a little more room inside by folding the zipper over more and taping it closer to the edge. This would allow you to actually put other CD's in this "purse" or CD holder. I also left the clear circle of the CD open for the look I was going for, but I have seen it done, where the circle and opening are covered with fabric, a sticker, duck tape or colored paper.

Once the zipper is taped to the CD (NOTE: it is easier to tape to each CD if the zipper is unzipped), I used smaller pieces of duck tape to cover the inside of the purse to give it a more finished look. I then used a small square piece to cover the are where the zipper comes together, also to give it a more finished look and make it a little more sturdy.
Now you can add a strap or handle, sticker to the outside, etc. Enjoy!

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